interface is lost

portible   ·  2017-1-7   ·   问题反馈
"Now, instead of "NtHack user error" cheat simply stops working when start the game, just the interface is lost. and only helps restart of steam."
A few days ago, I described a mistake, but after that did not repeat.
Up to this day.
screenshot could not be done only condumphow to show the console log, in any other way I do not know
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Lol i cant add, a *.txt file ((  
loads of up to 100% and nothing

dont work.png

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"stops working when start the game"->i never get it. idk how many ppl get this error

system error will be fixed on next version

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I also rarely received the error, simply decided to say that there is a mistake.
This has happened not only when I started the game as well when I watch other people games the icon was lost "star" star.png

As soon as I connect to someone else's overview games both through the cheat was turned off 30 seconds.